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Movenis - business in motion

The very Challenge of Projects

Everybody knows about SAP projects exceeding not only time frames and budgets, but also lacking in quality. As projects are complex, the reasons for this are complex, too. Planning stage errors can affect the whole realization of projects. SAP projects can fail due to many reasons, i.e. quality of implementation or speed of time in which goals are achieved. Movenis will put an end to all of this.

Methodology matters

Movenis’ SAP experts have mastered this task by developing a unique implementation method which will turn your SAP projects into professionally planned and practicable operations. This method will enable you to reach your goals successfully, efficiently and in line with the budget.

Movenis’ unique approach fully meets the demands of small- and medium-sized businesses. Detailed objectives, clearly defined milestones and in-line budgets are the key points of Movenis’ strategy. Movenis is your expert partner during your project’s life cycle that is to say clearly defined contact partners before, during and after implementation of your project. Down-to-earth project plans, lean project structures and achievable targets complete the features and create the backbone of successful SAP-projects.

Professionalism – Right from the Start

Already in the pre-project phase Movenis’ SAP experts will have a careful look at your project’s efficiency and feasibility. This will reduce the implementation phase of SAP solutions and will moreover be the basis for a precisely worded specification and clear statements to achieve your goals.

In contrast to different competitors we view the project as the path to a goal rather than the project as the goal itself. This is why we work strictly goal-oriented. Because our success is your success! Our long-term SAP experience combined with best-practice know-how out of numerous international projects provide the basis for this. We know all about the critical success factors and the necessary measures to avoid delays.

Movenis’ SAP experts are not only consultants. They will guide you through your projects from start to finish. We provide a comprehensive carefree-package starting from planning and conception to realization and support for future adjustments. Due to our proved best-practice approach we don’t shy away from fixed price projects. Let’s talk about it.

Professionalism, experience and methodology – that’s us and our strategy. We are Movenis and we are on the move for our customers. We are business in motion!